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Our rooms have a Swahili feel and architecture. Ranging between $5 and $30, they are quite a bargain for visitors. Most of these rooms have stunning views of the Indian Ocean. Come experience for yourselves.

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Marine Fun

WASINIMarine Fun

‘Kishuku!’ Rehema’s little seven year old sister cried excitedly as she raced from their reed-thatched houses towards the beach.

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Kwa Musa


Nothing beats the feeling of eating delicious food in a home setting. It gets even better if the food is authentically local and if it can be shared in close proximity with local people.

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Wasini Women Group

WASINIWasini Women Group

Serenity is Wasini Island’s middle name. A serenity derived from its home in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

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Sasafrica Productions is committed to ensure that the people of Wasini Island benefit from their amazing Island.